Bento Accessories

Our range of kid-friendly lunch box accessories makes it easy to turn boring old school lunches into Pinterest worthy masterpieces. Transform sandwiches into delicacies with the power of a Lunch Punch lunch cutter. Make drinking more fun by packing a reusable straw. Even tempt your kids to eat their fruit by skewering bite sized pieces on some Lunch Punch Stix!

It’s easy to brighten up your child’s bento lunch box with thoughtful touches. Add a message of encouragement with a personalised lunch box note or surprise them with some sneaky treats in one of our bento cups. Little Lunch Box Co is here to help you put together a lunch box that’s easy to pack, yummy to eat, packed with nutrition and full of love.

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Shop the range of beautiful bento accessories including; Lunch Punch lunch cutters, bento dividers, forks, spoons, reusable straws, Lunch Punch Stix, bento cups and more!